Hi there!  

Welcome to my site!  I’m Jenny Spencer!  I’m the creator of Ignite Learning LLC.  I LOVE learning and get super excited about new learning opportunities and sharing those experiences with others!  That’s why I created this site and began sharing my learning experiences through trainings and my blog.  

The world is full of wonder and opportunity!  I believe that every person, regardless of their situation in life, has a great capacity for learning.  Sometimes, we are challenged to find the opportunity in the moments that challenge us the most, but it is there!  It’s all about perception and that, my friends, is the goal of Ignite Learning!    

Did you ever have a kaleidoscope when you were a child?  Remember how you had to look through that tiny hole to discover the beauty held within? As you turned it the patterns changed and grew, but in order to see its true beauty you had to hold it up to the light!  It’s all about perspective!    

At Ignite Learning, we specialize in helping people become aware of their perception of the children in their care and the learning opportunities that are embedded throughout life!  We partner with parents and caregivers to help them grow in their own skills and learn effective, research-based techniques to more effectively help their children reach their true potential.

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