Are you looking for professional development opportunities for Educators? As a Conscious Discipline® Certified Instructor and Early Childhood Special Educator I provide several different types of trainings.

Local/State/National Conferences

Half or Full Day Workshops
These workshops are designed to teach the Skills of Conscious Discipline in progression. Based on the goals and needs of your organization, we will design a training plan that is best for you. We create an engaging learning environment as we model and utilize Structures of Conscious Discipline throughout the training. Our interactive workshops create a balance of teaching through video and examples as well as experiential learning through role play and large group games.
I am from Indiana and if you know anything about the Hoosier State you know we are crazy about our favorite sport—basketball! As I sat at a game recently, I realized how much what I do as a coach in the classroom or home is very similar to that of a basketball coach. There are various levels of coaching that occurs.
Conscious Discipline® Coaching
This level of coaching is for teachers and parents that have been using Conscious Discipline® for at least a year and they know the basics, but need help with specific strategies to take them to the next level.
Using the Conscious Discipline® rubric we reflect on their current progress and determine what would be most beneficial for their “next move”.  There may be some modeling, but more of this coaching is done from the “sidelines” through small tweaks and through strategic planning during the debriefing session.
This level of coaching is for teachers and parents that have been using Conscious Discipline® for more than three years and they are very confident in their skill set. Perhaps they have a specific problem area that they want more guidance in to help them fine tune their skill set.
Using the Conscious Discipline® rubric, we really dig deep into the skills and structures.  We also focus more on how these adults can pay it forward through providing mentoring and coaching to others who are new or struggling with their journey.  I may also coach them as they provide training opportunities for other parents or teachers in workshops and conferences.
Since Conscious Discipline® implementation is most effective when it starts from the TOP down, this coaching opportunity is for administrators who choose to lead by example.
I work with individual or small groups of administrators to help them reflect on their practices using the Conscious Discipline Administrative rubric.  We then work together to develop a plan to continue to improve their organizational culture as they implement Conscious Discipline® with their staff.
Early Childhood Coaching
Group TimeClassroom Environment
This coaching opportunity is to help teachers who struggle to plan and organize effective group learning opportunities.  I will come along-side teachers with specific organizational and creative ideas to help them build community and group learning opportunities for the children in their care.  Ideas include games, songs, finger-plays, language activities, and group projects.
The environment in the classroom is often considered the third teacher in the classroom.  This coaching opportunity is for teachers who struggle to make effective use of the environmental layout and spaces in the classroom.  We will work together to make the most of the space they have.  We will also put visuals in place to help guide the learning of children as we scaffold the development of executive skills.