June 5

9-11:00  Brain Smart Start:  Transforming your Transitions from Terrible to TERRIFIC

Description:  Get your brain and body ready for learning in community using Dr. Becky Bailey’s Brain Smart® Start framework for transitions and creating an optimal learning environment.  In this interactive session we will kick it up a notch with a variety of activities that will help children Unite, Connect, Disengage Stress, and Commit to being the best they can be!  Learn specific strategies to help structure your transitions for success and leave this session with a plan in place to help you get started.


1-3:00  Connecting Your Way To Cooperation

Description:  Connections on the outside build connections on the inside.  The quality of the relationships in a classroom creates or inhibits a climate in which everyone feels safe, connected, and ready to learn.  In this session, we will focus on specific strategies to help you build a sense of community in your classroom while transforming the behavior of even the most difficult children through connection.  We will practice individual and group rituals, noticing kindness, and offering two positive choices—all methods that help build and maintain relationships in the classroom.


June 19

9-11:00  Assertive Commands:  Building Safety by Setting Clear Limits

Description:  If you don’t mind, we will talk about assertiveness …IF that’s OK with you? In this session, we will learn  about the Conscious Discipline Skill of Assertiveness.  Being assertive means communicating clearly what you want a child to do.  This is essential to your school family environment in order to set effective and respectful limits.  You will leave this session understanding the difference between effective and ineffective communication and how to communicate clearly with your students through assertive commands.


1-3:00  Visual Strategies for Classroom Success

Description:  Visuals are not just for children with special needs.  All children benefit from the use of visuals to structure their learning.  In this session, we will learn the importance of using visuals, how to create visuals, and practice planning and executing visuals specific to your classroom needs.


For more information or to register please email Jenny at ignitelearningllc@gmail.com


The cost of these classes is $50/person.