Parent Classes

Classes that equip parents with the resources to implement the skills of Conscious Discipline. 


Managing Emotional Mayhem

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The early years can be very challenging for parents and children.  As children learn to navigate the world, they need our help managing the upset that naturally occurs.  The way we handle upset in the early years creates a template for how our children manage upset for the rest of their lives.  Traditionally, we have rewarded children for responding in an appropriate way to our expectations.  When they don’t, we punish them.  These were the tools that most of our caregivers passed down to us over the years.  They are now outdated.  It is time to retool ourselves and help our children have the best skills possible for success in life.  In our fast paced society with ever changing demands our children need the best, and this class will help you offer just that!

Join Jenny Spencer, Conscious Discipline® Certified Instructor, for a new class offering at NCA Therapy in Daleville, IN.  Jenny has over a decade of experience implementing the skills of Conscious Discipline in her own life and now she shares that with teachers and parents.  She is a master teacher in the field of Early Childhood Special Education.  As Indiana’s only Conscious Discipline® Certified Instructor and owner of Ignite Learning LLC, she now provides educational opportunities for parents and teachers throughout the state.    

In this five week course you will practice the Five Steps to Self-Regulation.  As we become aware of our tendencies and how we handle our own upset, we have the opportunity to keep it or retool ourselves.  The Five Steps will help you coach yourself through upset differently and ultimately help your child do the same.  You will learn to recognize triggers, practice calming strategies, name and understand feelings, and practice solutions that work!  As a result you can be responsible for your own upset, navigate it in a healthy way, and build better relationships all while helping your child do the same.  

As a part of class, we will be working with the Feeling Buddies.  You may purchase your own set of feeling buddies for families at (includes Managing Emotional Mayhem book, feeling buddies, Helping My Feeling Buddies board book, Feeling Buddy cd, and online video coaching from Dr. Bailey $99 + shipping)  or the price of the book only will be included in the registration fee.  If you are ordering the kit, please plan to have it by May 11.   

Class meets each Thursday at NCA Therapy in Daleville, IN (just off I-69 on SR 67) from 12:30-2:00.  The class will last from Thursday, May 4-June 1.  The fee is $150 including the book or $125 if you are ordering the kit on your own.  Space is limited so register early.    


For more information or to register please email Jenny at