Hi there! My name is Jenny, and I am the owner of Ignite Learning with Conscious Discipline® LLC. I am the mother of two little (ok well maybe not so little anymore) redheads, wife to Mr. Ed, and teacher to many.  When I’m not playing wife, mom, teacher, or friend, you will find me in a quiet place with a warm cup of MUGS coffee listening to some of my favorite music or reading a good book.  As much as I love being with people, I also need my quiet time! 

I have over 20 years of experience working with children and adults with special needs and I specialize in providing learning opportunities that address the needs of even the most diverse populations. I have worked with children ages 6 weeks-21years.  My sweet spot is connecting with the most challenging children and helping them tap their true potential.

Have you ever had the attitude like, “I already know everything I need
to know about….” Well, several years ago, I happened across this
workshop at the State AEYC conference that I really didn’t think
I needed. It was titled something like “How to handle all the Fussing,
Fighting, Fits, and Tantrums.” My first thought was, “I don’t need
that. “I’ve got everything under control.” After all, my
undergrad was in Special Education (we spent a whole semester on behavior
management) and my Masters was in Early Childhood…what could they possibly 
teach me? My co-worker talked me in to attending with her and I found out that
day that I had a LOT to learn. Come to find out the workshop was about Conscious Discipline® and I figured out pretty quickly I had a lot to learn!

What started as a journey to find a better way to discipline and manage my classroom quickly became a personal journey.  It is amazing to see how the skills I have learned in Conscious Discipline® have affected my personal growth and faith development.  Conscious Discipline® has helped me discover innate skills God has given me to use as tools to manage my own upset so that I can better relate to Him and others.

As I learn how to live in the present moment I experience more peace and joy in life.  I am learning that I no longer have to control every detail of life in order to find happiness.  Letting go of control creates many emotions and Conscious Discipline has helped me learn how to manage those emotions so that I pause long enough to get perspective that is better aligned with God’s will, not mine.   

In 2011 I became a Conscious Discipline® Certified Instructor and started Ignite Learning LLC.  Upon leaving the public school classroom in 2013, I began offering training and coaching for teachers and parents throughout the country and even worldwide via social networks and my blog.  I started the blog to help others connect on a more personal level as they learn about and implement best practices in their classroom or home. I also have a Teachers Pay Teachers store where I share lesson plans, visual aids, and other helpful tools for teachers and parents.   

My hope is to spark excitement about learning by creating an enthusiastic, engaging, active learning environment.  Whether working with children or adults, I believe the best way to take learning to the next level is to engage as many of the senses as possible!  I have provided numerous professional development opportunities for organizations such as Head Start, Public and Private Schools, AEYC, and CCR&R.  I also provide parent workshops as well as classes for children and their caregivers to learn together. 

My whole life I have been involved with various church activities including children’s ministry and youth camps.  One of our favorite songs was “It Only Take a Spark.”  I believe wholeheartedly that this statement is true.  Just one person with one idea willing to take one small step can impact the lives of many.  That’s my mission—to use the gifts God has given me to ignite learning for caregivers so together we can create environments where children experience safety and love so they will be ready to make a positive impact on the world.

“One enkindled spirit can set hundreds on fire.”~William H. Danforth

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